Best 3d Wallpaper Designs In Nigeria (2023)

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Tired of the flat wallpapers, here comes the 3D wallpaper that is confirmed to make your home very welcoming and pretty to any guest. Wallpapers have not lost their relevance and they are still considered very important home decorations items but the 3d wallpapers with its different patterns, textures and shades is the game changer.

3D wallpapers are known to really give more beauty to your house with wide range of designs and imprints including but not limited to natures, animals, landscape, reproduced paintings and other abstract objects. The 3D wallpapers can be used anywhere from home even to the office space.

Cool 3D Wallpaper Designs in Nigeria

3D wallpapers are actually very affordable and the fact that they come in different styles and designs makes them even more appealing. Below are some 3d designs in Nigeria to get you started on your selection journey.

3D Wallpaper Designs in Nigeria

We will elaborate on the most popular 3D wallpaper designs in Nigeria with emphasis on their concepts, designs and styles.

Solitary wallpaper

The solitary 3D wallpaper is like every other type of wallpaper except that the image or design concepts are applied on some part of the canvas and on the entire wall. This serves as a way to highlight a particular region of the room.

This style is the easiest to achieve because it has a clear-cut pattern and it is essentials that you use darker colors on the border to make the image or design standout. This 3D Wallpaper type can find better use in your bedroom

Non-woven or vinyl wallpaper

The non-woven or vinyl wallpaper has a very high-water resistant canvas, this makes it resistant to moisture and even dirt and highly suitable for apartments with high moisture, humidity and dirt.

Panoramic wallpaper

The panoramic 3D wallpaper is amongst the market leaders because it is unique and stylish with varying types of design arts and concepts. It looks highly realistic when used to cover the entire wall surface. It is ideal that one goes for an abstract or artistic image with even geometric designs or patterns and paler shades.

The panoramic 3D wallpaper is expensive when compared to other wallpaper types and they need to be put up by a professional because they have to be glued to the wall whilst eliminating all air bubbles that may form between the wallpaper and the wall.

Rolled wallpaper


The rolled wallpaper is also known as the standard wallpaper. This 3D wallpaper is installed strip by strip to give a complete picture. Well laid out geometric patterns are used to achieve the rolling effect on the rolled wallpaper.

They can be installed on another wall which further gives your apartment a stylish outlook. The patterns are geometrical so do not expect much. Due to its simplicity, you can install them yourself as it does not require adjustments on the length or width of the material.

Fluorescent Wallpaper


Like the name implies, the strength of the fluorescent wallpaper manifests at night when it is all dark. The glow is as a result of the use of phosphorus during its production. To put your mind at ease, phosphorus in this wallpaper Is not too much to be a health risk to you. So, if you want a glowing wallpaper, then this is the one for you.

LED wallpaper

This is a unique type of 3D wallpaper because is uses a LED backlight to further add sophistication to its already impressive design. The LED makes it possible for you to come up with different types of patterns and designs using the LED light.

It can be controlled using a remote control and some even come with a mobile app for your device. You can adjust the color, hue and brightness and even deactivate some parts of the wallpaper.

How to select the best 3D wallpaper

You do not want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong 3D wallpaper for your house. But with different types of wallpapers around, it can be really confusing for you to even make a simple choice. Most times, where they will be used is a major factor but here are other factors you should consider before making a wallpaper choice.

Wallpaper style

Choosing a wallpaper for your home especially for the sitting room requires that you are very particular about the type of design you want because you will be spending a lot of time there. Ensure that that the wallpaper you eventually select aligns with all the previous designs in the house. Below are some things you need to consider before choosing the best 3D wallpaper design.


The glam of the selected wallpaper will include the following like crystal, glitter, embossed, flocked design or you can go for the dramatic ones.


You can go for a very formal interior that comes sometimes as hand-printed. This wallpaper type can also come in a lot of other designs.

Wallpaper colors

Choosing good wallpaper colors is very important. You have to go for those that matches your household furniture, flooring and curtains. You can also alternate colors or match different types together according to your taste.

Plain or pattern wallpapers

Sometimes, you have to make a choice between using plain or patterned wallpapers in your home. Choosing the right pattern is essential in terms of size and colors so it does not throw you off vision wise.

Create your own design

If you have design flairs or you are a creative individual, then you can actually create different 3D wallpaper types for yourself. You can also work with an expert to bring your design to life and get the very best wallpaper you want.

Tips for the Perfect 3D Wallpaper

When choosing the best wallpaper design for your home, ensure that you are choosing colors and designs that aligns well with your home décor. Here are some quick tips you should consider when choosing a wallpaper for your home.

  • Try not to use large images or too bright colors for a small apartment.
  • Use same colors in an area to give the room an even tone.
  • For larger room, you can use multiple images and use colors that match the décor.
  • Do not use shiny wallpapers in front of windows because of reflection and image distortion.

Why you should use 3D wallpapers

Find below, some reasons why you should use 3D wallpapers in your home:

  • They seem to make your room bigger dues to its illusory effect.
  • When you have bad or damp walls, cover them up with a wallpaper.
  • You can be creative and design your own wallpapers thus making your design unique.
  • They can be used in any room inside of the hose
  • Cleaning and maintain the wallpaper is very easy by just using water and detergent.
  • Some wallpapers are fire resistant and can repel harmful substances.

3D wallpapers are actually expensive, yet they are great alternatives to painting or leaving your walls empty and bland. They last so long and can be up on the wall for almost 10years while still maintaining its initial qualities and features.

Be selective and depending on your budget, you can go for cheaper ones while factoring the longevity and durability in. Most important, 3D wallpapers will definitely brighten up your apartment and even set your mood to cheerful

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