Best Kitchen Designs In Nigeria (2023)

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Is there a perfect kitchen design? Probably not, but there is a possibility to get something close and we are here to help you with the right kitchen design for your house.

Getting a kitchen design in Nigeria can be very problematic and there is a chance you have an image in mind already. We will help you in deciding the bets layout and size for your kitchen because the options you have are really important to begin with.

When you want to select a kitchen design in Nigeria, you have to begin by looking for a design that fits into your kitchen size and shape.

Amazing Kitchen Designs in Nigeria

There are currently a lot of kitchen designs around already and here are some pictorial choices to begin with. Find Below some incredible kitchen designs pictures in Nigeria:

How to Setup a Perfect Kitchen in Nigeria

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. People now prefer that their kitchen that have larger sizes and with modern kitchen equipment sot making cooking and staying in the kitchen more fun.

It is known that a kitchen can be a place for relaxation, cooking and for dining or sitting, recently, the kitchen can be used as a workspace too with a lot of people working from home. This is why you need to get a very good kitchen design.

Getting the best kitchen design in Nigeria involves the use and provision of enough space, proper paint work with a nicely laid out layout to complement the general style of the house, so follow the steps below.

Spacing and Layout

The spacing on the layout in your house is very important when you are looking at creating the best kitchen. You have to factor in all the space needs like do you want family members in the kitchen while you cook? Will friends be coming over to help with the cooking? Will there be an extra dining set in the kitchen.

If you will be doing all of the above then you need to make sure that you include them in the kitchen layout and design and choose the one that caters to these needs and still meet your taste.

The Triangle of efficiency

The triangle of efficiency as it relates to the kitchen is a concept that ensures that your movement around the kitchen is unhindered. That is, it is easy to move from stove to the sink and then to the countertop without limitations. You have to consider this even when creating the design d for the kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Kitchen Equipment Arrangement

Kitchen tools, equipment and appliances arrangement is very essential because this helps to create space for you to work and cook better in the kitchen. Arrange things in the right cabinets and cupboards to allow you to access them easily.

Ensure that kitchen cabinets are constructed away from the cooking area and ensure that glassware and dishes are properly arranged and sorted for easy access down to holidays and season usage.

Proper usage of vertical space

There are always unused vertical spaces in the kitchen that is it advisable to always put them into good use. This may include having hooks on the walls and cabinets so you can hang some kitchen utensils like spoons, ladles, cups etc.

You can also have cabinets and hooks placed under or above countertops which can become useful in holding mugs and wine glasses. Proper usage of vertical spaces will make even more space available in the kitchen and give a well-made look to the cooking area.

Well Lit Lighting

When you set up your kitchen, you have to be certain that the window is not blocked by the kitchen shelves and cabinets. It is advisable to construct the kitchen cabinets around the window.

The catch here is to ensure that enough natural light is getting into the kitchen and it is known to also make the kitchen appear bigger than it looks and help with the recirculation of good air.

Kitchen Flooring

When it comes to kitchen flooring, it has been confirmed that tiles are the very best option because of the ease of cleaning and it is really nice on the eyes too. Tiles are very cheap to get but you have to ensure that you go for the very best ones with smooth surface and easy to clean.

Kitchen Design Styles in Nigeria

When it comes to kitchen design styles in Nigeria, there are some popular options that we recommend that you go for. They are elaborated below:

Here are some of the most popular kitchen styles in Nigeria.

L- Shaped kitchen design

The L-Shaped kitchen design in Nigeria just like the name states is the kitchen style that forms the L Shape off two adjacent walls. This kitchen styles have been proven to increase productivity and also gives rise to enough space that you can fit in cabinets of all sizes and shapes.

The L-Shaped kitchen design is ideal in a kitchen where you have a lot of space, this makes it easy to create sections in the kitchen without crowding out the main area for better productivity.

Single wall kitchen design

The single-wall kitchen design is ideal in a place where there is limited space. If your space covers from 1.5 meters and above in width and 2.5 meters and above in length, then this is the ideal design for you. Here, all your cabinets are positioned on one line on the side of the kitchen wall.

This design is mostly used where there is no window on the wall, this ensures that you can make adequate use of all the space. You can arrange your cabinets, sinks and cooking area properly to use up all the space. This kitchen design Is mostly found in single and mini flat apartments in Nigeria.

U-Shaped kitchen design

The U-Shaped kitchen design is one of the most popular kitchen designs in Nigeria, found in almost all homes. This kitchen style allows you to fix a lot of appliances and storage cabinets in the kitchen without concern to overuse of space.

The ease of movement you get in this kitchen design is as a result of the spacious nature it embodies which allows you achieve heightened functionality especially as you work and move around in the kitchen.

G-Shaped kitchen design

The G-Shaped kitchen design in Nigeria is known to create the letter “G” when it is utilized. This is not a popular kitchen design here thus if your aim is a unique kitchen style, then the G-Shaped kitchen design is what you need.

This kitchen style actually starts off as a U-Shaped kitchen design but it changes to a “G” when you add an extra kitchen cabinet of storage unit at any of the ends.

Kitchen Equipment for a Nigerian kitchen

We added this section because, it is not just enough to get the best kitchen design accentuated with matching cabinets designs but it is ideal that you know that kitchen equipment must be added for you to optimally use your kitchen space. Below is a list of essential kitchen equipment:

Freezer / Fridge / Refrigerator

There is a lot of heat in Africa and Nigeria to be precise and this makes it easy for your food and groceries to get spoiled pretty really quick and this leads to wastage of food after all the money spend and effort used in preparing the food.

With a fridge, you do not have to worry about spoilage anymore and this saves you from cooking every day. You can make a lot of dishes and store them in your refrigerator. If you also feel hot, you can also get a cold drink from your unit at home instead of going to the bar outside your home.

Oven / Gas cooker

For well made home cooked meals, you need an oven or a gas cooker. This is one of the major equipment needed in your kitchen. This allows you to cook your food at home without staining the cooking utensils. You can even do some baking too by setting the timer and it notifies you of when the baking is done.

Water Heater

The water heater is a very useful kitchen appliance, this helps to get water boiled or warmed pretty quickly especially when connected directly to the tap or faucet even without using the gas cooker. It is very convenient for cooking and making hot drinks very quickly.


Pots are very vital in every kitchen because they can be used for all sort of cooking activities. Without them you cannot cook anything in the kitchen. They are made from different materials like aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron which can be used to boil, roast and fry food.


If you cannot afford the more expensive oven and gas cooker, then getting a stove that can be used with kerosene or small gas tanks is a necessity. The only down side is that they can create soothe which can darken the kitchen walls, ceiling and cabinets and can be detrimental to one’s health.


The microwave is a must have kitchen equipment that comes with latest technology when it comes to warming your food instead of using the gas cooker, firewood or even an outdoor cooking unit. All you need is to get the food out of the refrigerator and warm them in the microwave.

The food does not lose its taste even if it has been stored for long without having it re-cooked or warm over fire repeatedly. They can be used for other things like thawing frozen foods, grilling g, cooking rice and even making pop corns.


The blender is a multi-purpose equipment. This equipment has successfully replaced the mortar and pestle especially form small quantity food stuff that needs to be blended. Blenders come with blades that are useful in blending smoothies from fruits and vegetables.

The blender usually comes with two cups, one is useful for dry foods and the other for liquid-based food. To achieve different degrees of blending, you need to use the speed regulator on the blending to achieve different levels of blending.

In conclusion, the expenses you have to make and the budget you have to work with is going to determine the kitchen design that you will eventually work with. So, we advise that you go for kitchen designs that you can afford. Go for those that also suits your style and ensure you get quality kitchen equipment. Arrange your cabinets and have a great kitchen adventure.

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